It has to be taken into consideration that only the company website in the nation for which the cards were purchased is compatible with the brand of the eGift Cards.

For example, cards from Amazon.es are exclusively valid on the Spanish-language version of Amazon. You must visit the local Amazon website to utilize a card you bought for a different nation. For further information on which nation your card is for, look at the delivery email we sent you. Your redemption instructions begin with a description of the card you bought along with the appropriate regional Amazon domain.

In general, if any problem occurs with the card, feel free to contact the brand the card was issued by. All the codes we deliver are active.

Amazon is incredibly strict when it comes to security. The gift card may be restricted if you attempt to use too many codes at once, have several accounts, use a VPN, or purchase very expensive products with it. Please get in touch with Amazon Customer Service so they can help you identify the underlying issue.

To find out why your card was declined after you received a working code from us, please get in touch with Google Play Support. If your VPN was active or if the security system noticed some unusual behavior, it might have happened. Make sure to explain the issue and include your coupon code so they can quickly find a solution.

You shouldn’t take any action. As soon as it is filled again, we will issue a code. Normally, this takes 24 to 48 hours. Please get in touch with us if, after 2 days, you haven’t received your code. 

Perhaps it ended up in your spam folder. If it isn’t there, you might have received a different email from us asking for further details or a status update on your transaction. You can reach out to us at info@newgiftsstore.com to get a full breakdown of your order history.

If you can’t locate the delivery email containing your prepaid card code, don’t be concerned. We’ll be happy to send it once again. Simply ask for your order history, and a list of all of your previous orders will be sent to you through email. Try clicking on the contested order to show the missing codes.

The maximum single-card purchase is 1000 EUR. 

If the card was given to someone else, you might think that it was stolen. You should be aware that digital items are instantly redeemed and non-refundable. In order to file a report and make contact with a potential fraud help desk in their area, victims of fraud or scam should contact their local police department as soon as possible.

If you were deceived into releasing your code, we deeply regret it. Please note that digital gift cards are non-refundable because they can be used right away. We are unable to provide a refund, as it is noted in our Terms of Use. You are responsible for keeping your digital codes safe as they are only meant for personal use.

We require our clients to verify their identity in order to help prevent fraud and theft. The verification process we employ contributes to the improvement of security measures like KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering). These measures are crucial in ensuring that none of our clients fall victim to fraud. Never forget to buy something from us for a friend or family member. Never use it to pay someone else. A traceable payment mechanism should always be used for online purchases.

If KYC verification is necessary to finish your order, we will ask for certain documentation. Only the payment account may be verified using these documents. You might have to give the following:

  1. Personal data, including full name, birthdate, citizenship, and complete address with phone number and area code;
  2. Proof of Identity: Identification document (driver’s license copy with the same standards or a high-resolution copy of the first page of a local or foreign passport with the photo and signature clearly visible). A minimum of six months must have passed since the filing date for the indicated documents;
  3. Proof of Address: A high-resolution copy of a bank statement or utility bill that includes the entire name and address of the User. The materials must be no more than three months old as of the filing date.

Please be aware that we never reveal any of the information contained in these documents to anyone.