Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is posted on New Gifts Store and operated by MarketDeal LTD with registered address 7 Bell Yard, London, England, WC2A 2JR, registration number 14733800.

We value the privacy of our users. It is crucial for us to be completely open with you about how we handle your personal information. This Privacy Policy
explains how your personal data is handled.

We’ll take every precaution to safeguard your privacy and your personal data. In all cases, New Gifts Store will abide by all applicable laws and rules, including the General Data Protection Regulation. As a result, we must at the very least:

a) handle your personal information in accordance with the reason you gave it to us. This Privacy Policy outlines the categories of personal data that are collected and the purposes for which they are used; 

b) limit the manipulation of your personal data to what is strictly necessary for the purposes for which it is processed; 

c) requests your explicit consent before using your personal information; 

d) takes the necessary organizational and technical security measures to protect your private data;  

e) avoids disclosing confidential information to third parties unless it is absolutely necessary.

f) recognize your rights regarding the use of your personal information, uphold them, and educate yourself on them.

Your personal data is managed by New Gifts Store. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using the details at the bottom of this document if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy after reading it or if you want to talk to us about it.


The use of cookies

When you visit a website, little files known as cookies are saved on your computer. They include details related to a web browser and the particular website. They are kept in a specific folder on your hard drive. When you return to a particular website, the page will be able to identify you thanks to the cookies and add to your history. Cookies do not harm other computers and cannot be used to spread viruses or launch malware on your machine. The majority of browsers accept cookies by default, but you can change your browser’s settings to reject cookies.



On our (mobile) website as well as other related or linked media platforms, cookies are utilized. We can personalize our services and enhance your overall experience thanks to cookies and other tracking technology.

When you use and access our Platform, we could install a number of cookies in your browser. These files will serve the following purposes:

a) provide certain operations and services on our website; 

b) further our marketing goals; 

c) gather statistical data; 

d) send email notifications to users who have expressed interest in our Platform; 

e) carry out purchasing, delivery, and payment activities; 

f) enhance our services;

h) to validate users in order to protect our systems from fraud, money laundering, and terrorist funding; 

g) to create personalized content and offers;

You have the choice to accept, disable, or delete cookies. Please be aware that disabling cookies can prohibit you from using some of the services we offer. Some of our websites might not appear correctly, and you might not be able to complete your transactions on our website.


Different tracking methods

Our website might also make use of other tracking technology besides cookies. We can improve and personalize your experience thanks to these technologies. A “web beacon,” also referred to as a “pixel tag,” is a tiny object or image that is inserted into a web page or email. We use them to gather more statistical information and count the number of people who visit particular websites, view emails, and perform other actions. These cookies only gather a small amount of data, such as the cookie number, when and where the website or email was viewed, and a brief description of the page or email. Pixel tags and web beacons are required. However, by controlling the cookies that interact with them, you can restrict their use.



There are several reasons why personal information is collected.

Data processing is necessary to carry out the terms of the contract with the data subject, which may be a Purchase Agreement made with the user or their account. Processing is necessary to advance the lawful interests of New Gifts Store, such as providing newsletters to customers. Processing is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation, such as a requirement for customer research under the laws against money laundering and the funding of terrorism.


Nature of personal information

The following personal information may be processed by New Gifts Store:

A name, phone number, email address, IP address, MAC address, and a copy of an ID or passport are the components of a contact.

By using the website, you grant us permission to use Google Analytics to track and evaluate how you use the site in order to provide you with better services. Given this, and given that any information provided is kept private, we do not disclose any of your personal information to other parties. In the situations described in this Privacy Policy, New Gifts Store maintains the right to share your data with third parties.


Retention time

For the aforementioned processing, New Gifts Store will keep your personal information for the following durations:

a) during the duration of the Account; 

b) for a period of five years following the suspension or termination of an Account or the completion of the Purchase Agreement; 

c) for a period of seven years following a suspension or termination for the express purpose of financial management; 

d) for as long as the law requires; 

e) for as long as the interested party maintains their Account; 

f) for a period of six months following the most recent Purchase Agreement in relation to the email.


Third-party disclosure

Third parties may receive the information you provided to us. The aforementioned explanations could apply to this:

a) editing and distributing newsletters; 

b) financial administration; 

c) processing payments; 

d) distributing digital goods; 

e) and managing accounts and purchase agreements are just a few examples.

Remember that we can only divulge your information to third parties with whom we have agreements.

If you explicitly give permission, we may also disclose personal data to third parties.



You are not allowed to use this site if you are under 18 years old.



We have put in place the appropriate organizational and technological precautions to prevent the unauthorized handling of your personal information. The following metrics are among them:

a) all employees who have access to your personal information are sworn to secrecy; 

b) our systems are protected by strong passwords and usernames; 

c) we regularly test and evaluate our systems and measurements;

d) our staff is informed about the importance of protecting personal data and privacy.


Rights pertaining to your data

You have the right to review and request the rectification or deletion of any personal data we may have about you. You may also object to the processing of your personal data by us or a member of our staff. Furthermore, you have the right to request that the information you provided be transferred to you or a third party of your choice. In order to opt out of the aforementioned, please contact us.

We might ask you to identify yourself before we grant your request. You have the right to revoke your permission at any time if we are collecting your personal information with it.


Contact details

Contact us at if you have any queries about the Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy.